Saturday, November 23, 2013

when in: Rome

Rooney Mara in Balenciaga

The Rome Film Festival is still pretty young, but already it has more success than me and knows plenty of celebrities. This year's red carpet was beautiful but there's one look that blew me off my feet.

There's nothing more exciting than seeing one of these looks walking down a red carpet. Everything from the shoes and the stunning sheerness of the dress to matching the lips to the carpet and the simple hair do is breathtaking in a very soothing way. In other words, it's hopeful. It makes me believe there's a better world out there when it comes to fashion and styling, there is a future and we're witnessing it first hand. You should all be really happy about this. I sure am.

Rooney Mara, that's one to follow.

See you all soon, xo.

PS: Sorry for my lack of blogging but I'm back now so let's roll.